Jangan Takut Berganti Mimpi

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A few days earlier, I met one of my college best buddies & catched everything up about our life. Shared progress, plans, ambitions, & dreams, as always.. Told him that I am currently beyond keen in everything about Marketing and maybe thinking about taking another master degree in commerce (which is maybe will be a bit challenging since I already got a master & scholarship provider usually don't into this double master thing). I said I wanna be a marketing expert for my own busines..

Know what he said???

"Ah lo mah, jadi apa aja mau. Beberapa tahun yang lalu bilangnya mau jadi sustainability expert. Sekarang mau jadi marketing expert."

Hahaha.. At that time, I just laughed, but then it got me thinking..

Setiap manusia pasti punya rencana, punya mimpi.. Tapi pada dasarnya, Tuhan juga yang punya kekuatan terbesar. Tuhan bisa nge-twist hidup orang dengan mudahnya & that's what exactly happened in my life.. Years ago, I believed that I'd work around sustainabilty area. I did actually.. in PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory and was very passionate about my job at that time. Like, I really enjoyed it. But then again, Allah gave me another plan and here I am..

Juggling between home, toddler, & business. Focusing to put lots of attention in NyoNya Nursing Wear & MamiBelle marketing..

So, yes! Whatever Allah gives me right now, whatever is in front of my face, I'll do my best performance to keep it up.. Because that's the least I can do, to turn my current condition as a blessing, even though that was not expected before. Berganti mimpi sehingga sy bisa menjalani hidup tetap dengan semangat & kerja keras. 😋